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VIA: Metal Hammer

This October, Metal Hammer is celebrating its 250th issue, and we want YOU lot to be a part of it!

It’s very simple. Send a photo of yourself throwing the horns to and you’ll be immortalised on the cover pack of issue 250 when it goes on sale on October 15, as well as on our official Facebook page soon after! You can also simply tweet us a photo using the hashtag #hammertime. Get stuck in and get ready to celebrate!

Please note that by sending us your photo you are agreeing to have it shown in issue 250 of Metal Hammer, on sale October 15, as well as on our Facebook page soon after. Entrants must be 16 or over and all photos provided must be of the sender. 

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Skullbanger Media

I can’t say I know of many Dance/Metal bands out there.  Yes I have heard of the techno/industrial metal stuff like but never on that proudly proclaims their love of Dance music and their love of metal music like the band Xe-None from Russia.  I was asked by Nem Promotions here in Finland to come out to Hendry’s Pub in Kuopio to cover Xe-none and Fear of Domination for their short Finnish mini-tour.  Always willing to check out some new music and help bands what I can, I happily agreed, not knowing what I may be getting myself into.  So what did I find?  Did I feel some ‘good vibrations’ and did my hidden love of Ace of Base get re-kindled?  Well get out you 90’s Hit Dance Music collection and prepare to ‘Come and Get Your Love’!

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Hailing from New Hampshire VATTNET VISKAR has caused quite a ripple of excitement with their debut album SKY SWALLOWER, catching the attention of both fans and press alike. The English translation of their Swedish name is ‘The Water Whispers.’ One look at these four guys is not what you would imagine when listening to their music. They are definitely a unique band that is geared towards a bright future in Black Metal and beyond.


The video for “Breath of the Almighty” was directed and produced by Josh Graham of Suspended in Light, Neurosis’ visual creator for years.



9/12/2013Club Red/Red OwlTempeAZ
9/16/2013Club DadaDallasTX
9/18/2013The FirebirdSt. LouisMO
9/19/2013Diamond Pub & BilliardsLouisvilleKY
9/20/2013Montage Music HallRochesterNY
9/21/2013The SummitColumbusOH
9/22/2013Montage Music Hall

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#TWRradio - Join the family Tuesday/Thursday after sundown


With the biggest, sickest, most debauched party of the summer drawing inexorably closer, Slave Pit Inc. today released “a butt-load” of last-minute details about their 4th annual “GWAR-B-Q”, to be held Sat., Aug. 17th at Hadad’s Water Park in Richmond, Va. The event will be held RAIN OR SHINE. Nothing short of nuclear holocaust can stop GWAR, and even that is highly debatable… the GWAR B-Q is on, NO MATTER WHAT!!!

As far as tickets are concerned please pay close attention– everybody who bought an e-ticket online must have a hard copy of EACH TICKET for entry– that means following all the links provided in the email that was sent to you and printing a hard copy of every ticket. That means if you bought more than one ticket, you must have copies for every individual ticket…

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The Unseen and Unheard

Hi! Now, for the post on Five Finger Death Punch, I’ve chosen Coming Down, off the album American Capitalist (2011). The music video contains strong images, so this might be hard to watch for some people. Here are the lyrics, and below is the music video. 

This song has a very strong message, which I thing is very important to get out to people. That’s one of the reasons I chose to blog about this song, but obviously also because I really liked it.
The lyrics and the music video fits together, and the music video tells the stories of two young people with problems that led up to their suicide, as we saw in the start of the song, but which was prevented in the end by a “friend”. The lyrics, as I said, presents a strong message, and I like them a lot. There’s not much more…

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There are 10 songs…obey them well.

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An Issue of Entitlement

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Forever Fiction Books

It’s not often online comments get my dander up. But one thing certain to bring out the Keyboard Warrior in me is an insult to a band I like. Especially if said insult is from a “fan”.

“It’s ironic how most other bands signed?! lol Do they “think” they are too good to sign & meet people?! My daughter was the first person in line for the wristbands, and then heard they weren’t signing that day was a big disappointment! Shame on bvb!”

I went to Warped Tour, the Indianapolis date, and on that day Black Veil Brides didn’t have a signing. They’ve been doing signings almost every day of the tour so I, with my friend, had a moment of disappointment. Just as quickly though, we were over it. I didn’t think any more of it during the twelve hour festival and had a great time scouring the venue…

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Wednesday Wind Up

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Okay today’s Wind up is from Black Veiled Brides.

I’m diggin their music as of late and I decided to feature them on the Wind Up.

Not to mention I think Andy Biersack is kinda hot

I like guys in makeup… so sue me!

The sleazy rock, kinda eighties, like Crashdiet? I’m into that

Anyway, here’s Rebel Love Song!

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Fairly Kickass

So this is happeing again. I don’t want to make a big to do about my lengthy time off from the site, but I’m going to start off small and slow. That way I can ease myself back into it, and you can get reaqcuainted with my style, or lack thereof. As I am writing this on a tablet, some of the links and other things that i would normally have in these will not be here, but I have confidence in your ability to navigate Youtube.

Here we go.

Joseph Arthur – The Ballad of Boogie Christ
Mr. Arthur caught the world’s attention as the first North American to sign to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. Akron, Ohio represent! He first caught my attention in a serious way with Redemption Son and it’s brilliant bayou droning underneath the powerful gospel sound. In his subsequent efforts, there were some tunes…

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