Switchblade Serenade – Alive At Night

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Rock Music

Amphetamine Blues Mag.

switchblade serenade - alive at night I have never lost faith in the US. Despite the tsunami of bands that come from the Scandinavia part of the world, the States have their own share of the pie in the underground sleaze/hard rock genre and Switchblade Serenade are here to prove it. 

Influenced by the good stuff, Guns n Roses, Motley Crue and Skid Row, Switchblade Serenade released their debut album 'Alive At Night' sometime in the beginning of 2014 and so far they enjoy rave reviews...

...and not without a good reason. Their debut features 9 ballsy n' heavy tunes that stand out for their catchy-ness and anthemic attitude. There isn't a single track on this release that will leave you unpleased for any reason. Great album / Fantastic band!       

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