Check out the new song, Indigo by The Biters and get hooked!

Posted: August 9, 2014 in Rock Music

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the biters

It was last year when I first introduced you to the awesome band, Biters. This week they are premiering their new song,Indigo. It is once again a stellar track that has me convinced that The Biters have exactly what I am looking for in rock n roll! Check out Indigo here:

Indigo will be available on their limited release 7″ Vinyl. You can pre-order your *Super limited blue vinyl 7”HERE:

When I first heard BITERS, I was literally taken aback with their sound. I couldn’t  help but crank it up louder and lounder and push replay and repeat just so I would be sure that I am hearing correctly. I fell INSTANTLY IN LOVE! It was pure ear porn! Need more of The Biters? You can check out their video for their song,  “So Many Nights” which is off of their album, Last of a Dying Breed…

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