Posted: October 4, 2013 in Rock Music

Melting Album Reviews


There is a mere difference of eighteen months between Soulfly’s previous album, Enslaved, and their latest, Savages. Whilst this may cause many to believe that Cavalera and co. are rushing themselves far too much, it does appear that there have been quite a few changes in the last year or so. For one thing, Cavalera has recruited none other than one of his own sons, Zyon (who drums for Lody Kong), and from the heavy opening grooves of “Bloodshed” you’ll notice his distinctive musical talent straight away. Forget the fact that Cavalera’s one-time legendary band, Sepultura, also have a new album coming out pretty soon, since Savages is certainly one of Soulfly’s most accomplished and brutal outputs to date.

With virtually every track living up to the album’s title, Soulfly’s latest very rarely lets up on aggression, brutality and most importantly grooves. Both “Cannibal holocaust” and “Fallen” are so consistently…

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