Aural Advantage: July 15, 2013

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Fairly Kickass

So this is happeing again. I don’t want to make a big to do about my lengthy time off from the site, but I’m going to start off small and slow. That way I can ease myself back into it, and you can get reaqcuainted with my style, or lack thereof. As I am writing this on a tablet, some of the links and other things that i would normally have in these will not be here, but I have confidence in your ability to navigate Youtube.

Here we go.

Joseph Arthur – The Ballad of Boogie Christ
Mr. Arthur caught the world’s attention as the first North American to sign to Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. Akron, Ohio represent! He first caught my attention in a serious way with Redemption Son and it’s brilliant bayou droning underneath the powerful gospel sound. In his subsequent efforts, there were some tunes…

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