Cheetah Whores

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Rock Chicks Rule!

Cheetah-01ACheetah Whores are a mostly all-female American punk/garage band from Rochester, New York, formed in 2006. The members are Lizzy O (vocals), Joey Pitts (drums), Therese O (lap steel), Meg Austin (guitar), Heather Jones (rhythm guitar) and Gary Archer (bass). The band’s original bass player, Shalonda Simpson, was shot and killed in a robbery in 2007. Cheetah Whores combine “70’s punk, 60’s R&B, psychedelic sounds and good old rock and roll,”Cheetah-02 but Therese O’s lap steel gives them a distinctive groove. Their name is derived from a Stooges lyric (“I’m a street-walkin’ cheetah with a heart full of napalm” from “Search and Destroy”). Cheetah Whores are best known for their surfy theme song to the 2010 Roger Corman-produced Syfy Channel movie Sharktopus (which Lizzy O’s uncle, Declan O’Brien, directed). “Half-shark. Half-octopus. All killer.” Good song. Bad movie.

Cheetah Whore‘s debut album, Bang Bang Baby opens strong…

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