New Music To Know: Frank Turner, Punk Goes Folk

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

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If a man sets aside his hardcore and punk tendencies in favor of an acoustic guitar, has he lost his ability to rock? Not when that man is Frank Turner.

The lead single off his new album Tape Deck Heart, out April 23, has roots that are traceable down a long line of heartbroken English balladeers. But before you get the wrong idea, just because the man’s singing about a broken heart doesn’t mean he’s written a slow jam. It’s instead one of those rollicking, barroom singalong tributes to heartbreak fueled by the kind of lyrics men spew when they’ve had much too much to drink and find themselves being very honest — and that Turner, in his video, seems to sing through clinched teeth.

“I like that contrast between upbeat music and dark lyrics,” Turner said. “It sounds like a happy song, but it’s clearly not. The…

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