John Mayer Calls Albert King The ‘Reason Guitar Faces Were Invented’ At Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Jack Seattle FM

With a flying V guitar slung around his shoulder, John Mayer was ready to play from the moment he started his speech about Albert King at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction cermeony. He was wearing a flying V guitar, which King always played, slung around his body.

“I first heard of Albert King in a guitar magazine from a Stevie Ray Vaughan interview,” Mayer said.

When most of his friends were quoting Grateful Dead lyrics, he said he was listening to Albert King.Even noting that he quoted King in his high school year book: “The blues don’t change.”

“My dream of playing the blues for a living came true – sort of – but the blues is alive in all of my songs and in my playing,” he said. “The way I bend the strings.” He played his flying V, King’s guitar of choice, to demonstrate his point…

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