Introducing The Beautifully Demolished

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Beautifully Demolished 2013

Remember former JETBOY singer D.K. Revelle?  He is back in a brand new band, THE BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED!

Formed in the spring of 2011  in Los Angeles California, THE BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED is reminiscent of the ‘HEYDEYS OF ROCK N’ ROLL’ circa 1978 to 1987. Kickin’ ass and rewriting the Rock n’ Roll handbook one lick at a time, THE BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED are bringin’ back the sound of huge sing along anthems and the big arena experience of yesteryear for a new generation of rock n’ roll thrill seekers!!!
Headquartered in Los Angeles/Fresno California, THE BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED is a 101% kick-ass good time Rock n’ Roll band. THE BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED consists of seasoned and real deal Rock n’ Roll personalities and performers that have been featured in national and international tours, magazines, television, radio and recordings.

THE  BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED signed with HIGHVOLMUSIC in January and entered FastTraxx Studios to record their debut…

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