Friday Hype! the smalls(reunion??)

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Reunion? Typing that word just raised the eyebrows of every 30 something kid that grew up in Canada with a disdain for popular music. The Smalls were the go-to band when talking up your oh so genius music knowledge at age 16 to people you just met, and making eye contact with someone walking down the street wearing a smalls t-shirt was an absolute must. Known for relentless touring of their punk/metal/cowboy hybrid brand of rock and roll, there wasn’t a town they wouldn’t play or a crew that wouldn’t show up. Gigs became legendary, with riot police being called on more than one occasion and the B.C. town of Kamloops just straight up barring them from performing for life after an overbooked venue got particularly rowdy.

Four albums were released spanning the entire 1990s, with their self titled coming out in 1990(and a re-release two years later with some production…

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