Danish 4-Piece Pinkunoizu to Release Sophomore Second Amendment EP May 6th

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Following 2012’s debut album Free Time!,  Danish 4-piece, Pinkunoizu are set to release their sophomore EP, Second Amendment, both digitally on Full Time Hobbyand physically with a limited edition 12” heavyweight vinyl being offered by Manchester’s DIY label Everybody’s Stalking.

Recorded in a single day at Livingston Studios, London,  and subsequently edited by lead songwriter, Andreas Pallisgaard and drummer, Jaleh Negari  in their former adopted hometown of Berlin, this EP is a testament to the band’s talent for not only musical composition, but also their ability to successfully experiment with innovative techniques of production and the layering of various textures of sound. Pallisgaard explains the band’s motives: ‘We initially  wanted to make a pure, live documentation from the sound we had built together whilst touring, but I think in the end we always find it a bit boring to just do that. Listening to our…

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