Song of the Day (4/18/2013) – “Sidewinder” by Avenged Sevenfold

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My Way Up the Music Staff

Oh how I love Avenged Sevenfold (A7X).  Their music is so heavy and awesome, and they’re also one of the bands I’ve been into the longest.  (You can also tell I love them when I have a couple of their shirts in my “Band shirt” drawer.)  Anyone who played Guitar Hero 2 knows their song called “Beast and the Harlot,” so I’ve decided to show you all a different A7X song from this same album (released in 2005).

This is one of my favorite songs by them, though one of the least known unless you really listen to their albums.  The coolest part is the acoustic outro because Synyster Gates played that with his father.  You’ll hear it at the end.


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