Rock Hall Lore Debunked: How Inductees Are Chosen And Who’s Next

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Jack Seattle FM

Tonight, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inducts the class of 2013. Among music fans, this is the event that inspires more spirited debate than any other. Who should be inducted? Who shouldn’t? Why isn’t KISS in? And most of all, what is “rock and roll” anyway?

“You have to have accepted a long time ago that the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame isn’t literal,” Entertainment Weekly Senior Editor Leah Greenblatt explains to “For years, they’ve inducted artists from other genres.”

Indeed, the Hall Of Fame has interpreted rock and roll as an inclusive umbrella, wide enough to encompass pop (Madonna), reggae (Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff), jazz (Miles Davis), country (Johnny Cash) and singer-songwriters who wouldn’t generally be classified as “rock” (Leonard Cohen, Laura Nyro and even Neil Diamond).  There have also been artists inducted as “early influences,” including Hank…

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