Paramore Album Review

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First things first. For those who were still holding on, expecting anything remotely similar to All We Know or Riot, it’s time to put those dreams to rest and make way for change. Each track provides evidence as to why the band have decided to self title this album; A new direction: A new beginning: A new Paramore. Each song, on some level, completely deviates from the bands usual sound.

The closest thing to the ‘old’ Paramore on this album is probably their track Part  II. The band, in their 4 sides/ 4 nights video, claimed that this track is related to another of their previous songs.With lyrics such as “What a shame we all remain such fragile broken things,” “Oh Glory, come and find me,” as well as the mention of a “tiny spark,” we’re lead to believe this previous song can only be Let The…

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