The Birthday Massacre

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Rock Chicks Rule!

TBM-06The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian gothic/alternative synth-rock band, formed in 1999, in London, Ontario, and currently based in Toronto, Ontario.TBM-03 The band is fronted by Chibi (vocals) who often wears a school girl uniform in concert. And, yes, I think that’s extremely sexy. The rest of the lineup consists of Falcore (lead guitar), Rainbow (rhythm guitar), Owen (synthesizers), Nate Manor (bass), and Rhim (drums). TBM sounds like a female-fronted version of The Cure, but with heavier guitar riffs, less moping, and a bit of an industrial influence. The band played here, in Cleveland, last Halloween but, sadly, I missed the show. This band, live on Halloween, would have been a wonderful nightmare. TBM recently offered an instrumental track, “Night Shift,” as a free download at the website for Canadian horror magazine Rue Morgue (a subscription must). The track was, according to guitarist Falcore, “an homage to ’80s John…

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