Sick Of Sarah

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Rock Chicks Rule!

Sick-04Sick of Sarah is an all-female American pop/rock band, from Minneapolis, MN, formed in 2005. The band currently consists of Abisha Uhl (vocals, rhythm guitar), Katie Murphy (lead guitar), Jessie Farmer (lead and rhythm guitar), Jamie Holm (bass), and Jessica Forsythe (drums).Sick-02Sick of Sarah‘s sincere pop/rock, like Hunter Valentine‘s passionate punk, is used in nearly every episode of Tucky Williams’ lesbian web series, Girl/Girl Scene. But, even more than that, Sick of Sarah singer Abisha Uhl plays Bender, Evan’s lovable pot dealer, on the series. Her character was briefly introduced in the season one finale, but, in season two, Bender is a main character, and Abisha as Bender is one of the best parts of this amazing series, second only to Tucky Williams as womanizing Evan, the focus of Girl/Girl Scene. But, this blog is about music, so … Did I mention that this band…

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