SCARLET DROP: This Time Around: Single Download

Posted: April 3, 2013 in Uncategorized

Altered Frequencies


This four piece from Helsingborg, Sweden plays metal that is heavy, catchy and has some growled vocals mixed in from Leah Muscat with the smooth, clean vocals of Graziella Väcklénwho who both also play guitar. The band also features Simon Väcklén on bass, and Jake Ahl on drums.

The song “This Time Around” starts off nice and heavy with the band making some glorious noise and then the vocals kick in and the mix of the smooth, clean vocals and the biting, growled vocals really made for a nice contrast. They song is very catchy and the chorus gets stuck in your head as soon as it hits you. It has a pop feel on the chorus, but this isn’t a pop track, it just is able to combine the hard-edged elements with the poppier side to great effect. The drumming is pounding, the guitar riffs are awesome and the bass locks into a nice groove…

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