Right Back At It Again Tour Does Pittsburgh Proud: A Day To Remember, Chunk! No Captain Chunk!, and Of Mice and Men

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Review and photos by David Mondine and Mike Mendlowitz

photos copyright 2013 Pittsburgh Music Magazine and DMondine/MMendlowitz

On Thursday March 28, 2013 one of the biggest out breaking bands straight out of Florida played at Pittsburgh’s own Stage AE.  The one and only A Day to Remember played at Stage AE during their Right Back At It Again tour.  This tour would be not so much a tour to support their new album (which is soon to be coming out called “Common Courtesy”) but more of a tour of just trying to get back on the road and play shows after a six month hiatus.

Getting back on track, the first leg of the tour consisted of two other bands.  The opening act was Chunk! No Captain Chunk! who is out of France.  They mix a form of auto-tune pop with the modern day metalcore scene riffs.  They were an…

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