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30-Year Old Cardboard

‘Million Dollar Question’ – What Would Your Mt. Rushmore Of 1980’s Baseball Cards Look Like??

This week’s ‘Million Dollar Question’ is inspired by an email conversation that I had a week or so ago with loyal 30-YOC supporter and reader, Matt.

Matt and I communicate on a pretty regular basis – usually between blog comments, email, and Twitter chatter.  We have a lot in common, and just enough not in common to make our conversations pretty interesting and spirited.

And while our dialogue sometimes veers off track, we almost always end up back to two things we both love: Baseball & Baseball Cards!!

Well, we recently went back and forth about our favorite cards from different eras, and that ultimately led to us sending ‘Top Tens’, ‘Top Fives’, and ‘Mt. Rushmore’s’ back and forth.

And one of them was really, really fun – and tough too!

What Would Your Mt. Rushmore…

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