Davey Suicide Lives Up to the Hype in Pittsburgh

Posted: March 29, 2013 in Uncategorized


“So, did we live up to the hype?”  This is what Davey Suicide questions me after his bands’ set at Altar Bar in Pittsburgh.  I definitely think Davey and his band lived up to the hype and I personally had a great time experiencing an up and coming band making all the right moves and following their passion.  With a sound and visual aspect part Manson part NIN all electro goth fury, Davey Suicide provides what many bands have forgotten in this day and age…the show.  They prove that a band on a budget can still provide quite a bang for the buck ( Davey and company actually did a kickstarter campaign to get a lot of their stage lights and set).  Davey is  very ambitious, intelligent, well spoken, and  poised to make a name in a very tough business as you will see in this interview…

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