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Rock Chicks Rule!

Civet-01Civet was, at first, an all-female American punk rock band from Long Beach, CA, with core members Ms. Liza Graves (guitar, vocals) and Suzi Homewrecker (guitar, backing vocals). Now, apparently, Civet is Liza, Suzi, and two dudes. They describe themselves as “femme fatale punk rock.”Civet-02Civet’s music has been compared to the music of The Distillers and Bikini Kill. I definitely hear The Distillers in Civet’s music, but Brody Dalle has a much stronger voice and crafts better melodies. But, Liza has a great voice, too, and Civet has just enough melody, crafting more with each release. And, even though Civet isn’t a riot grrrl band, the Bikini Kill tag, sound-wise, is fitting, too. Liza and Suzi have said that “their biggest influence and inspiration comes from The Runaways.” OK, inspiration, maybe, but, Civet’s sound isn’t much like Joan Jett’s influential all-girl band. Civet

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