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Vie’s Verses – 25 Years Of Maiden Fan-dom

This April, (April 11th to be precise) will mark 25 years since Iron Maiden’s magnificent Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son was released. To some Iron Maiden fans it is the anniversary of another terrific Iron Maiden album. Others may remember the first time they listened to the big radio hit “Can I Play With Madness,” or heard the pulsating bass lines of “The Clairvoyant” with fond glee. And while those are wonderful memories to look back on, the release of Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son means a whole lot more to me. It marks 25 years since I became an Iron Maiden fan.

Certainly I had heard of the band prior to their 1988 record. I am sure that I heard “Number Of The Beast” or “Ace’s High” once or twice, but I never really paid much attention to them…

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