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Posted: March 25, 2013 in Music, Rock/Metal
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Dusty Said

On the way to Houston the other day I was listening to Pandora, and Tool’s Opiate came on.  I’ve heard the song a million times and every time I listen to it all the way through.  Don’t know why it hit me for the first time that day, but the second portion of the song sounds like every Doors song I’ve ever heard.  I am a massive Door’s fan and obviously an obsessive Tool fan.  Why have I never made this comparison?  A quick search confirms what I thought I remembered, Maynard has never mentioned being influenced by Jim Morrison.  Regardless, its the same bass line and spoken word poetry.

Truthfully, none of the bands that I love have any listed influences that I really like.  I’m not really sure how that factors into the music they make, but as long as they produce music that I can wear the words off of, I’ll let it…

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