Serenity, Wings of Madness

Posted: March 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

A Great Mosaic of Truth

A recent purchase from Napalm Records came with a freebie CD of Austrian Metal which included Wings of Madness, track 1 off the forthcoming Serenity album War of Ages which I’ve already pre-ordered from Napalm.  Unfortunately the release date of 22 March means that it’s unlikely the new album will arrive through my letter box before Serenity’s London gig at the Boston Music Rooms on Monday 25 March so I won’t get to hear the new tracks first, and nor will I have a CD inlay to try and get signed if the guys and now gal are on hand after the show at the merch stand.

The Wings of Madness track is everything I expected to hear though from Serenity.  Georg Neuhauser’s distinctive voice comes in for the first verse – and all the while I’m on tenterhooks waiting to hear Clementine Delauney cut in somewhere.  Yes, there’s…

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