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This band just may be worth checking out!

Altered Frequencies


ANIMAL TRAIN is a four piece female fronted punk band from Austin, TX that has had some releases out previous to this and plays punk rock with a ton of energy.

“Thin Thread” is a forty-nine second short, fast blast of punk rock that hits you like a sledgehammer right between the eyes with the intensity that they wring out of their instruments.

CJ on vocals, Rich on guitar,
John on bass, and Tron on Drums and Vocals play like their instruments are on fire and have to get that last song in before they can’t play any more. “Vital Core” is another tasty punk rock ditty that borders on hardcore and has buzzing guitar playing, and the fierce singing by CJ, “Melt Down” has great dual vocals that make the track stand out, “Sith Vicious” is the longest song at nearly three minutes and it’s so good that it seems to go by…

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