Serpent: Fear: CD

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized

Altered Frequencies

Front Cover Final

Serpent are a young thrash band from the town of Cookstown in Ireland and have released their debut four song EP on their own.

This very young in age band really impressed me with this EP and the tight musicianship that they possess. “Myriad Truths” starts off the festivities and the guitar playing grabs you as soon as you hit play, the drums come in and then the low vocals start, and then the whole band is going along in a nice chugging groove until they crank up the speed and away we go. The vocals come in again and now they are clean and clear, the band just rips on this track. “Fear” has some nice deep and heavy bass, some guitar leads that will get you playing the air guitar along with them, great vocals that make the chorus stand out, and you can hear the drummer just…

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