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This is one of my favorite bands


In This Moment may be a well known band now, but the rise to fame was a difficult road for the Los Angeles-based metal group. It took the band a long time to get noticed in the music world. The hard work and dedication of the band paid off, and now Denver fans are eagerly awaiting their return to the Fillmore.


Lauren Clark: Heavy metal band In This Moment is returning to Denver on March 26th to perform at the Fillmore Auditorium. The band is touring in support of their fourth album, “Blood,” which was released in August of last year.

Fellow metal acts All That Remains, HELLYEAH, and Nonpoint will open the show at the Fillmore. Tickets for the event sold out fast and solidified In This Moment’s status as one of the most popular female-fronted metal acts in the country.

Stephanie Lesar is a big fan…

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    Hello there! Thanks for the reblog. It’s always nice to see another heavy metal chick!