One Happy Accident

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Bry Photography

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes the best ideas come from a happy little (or big) accident.

I was attending a show at Studio 7 in Seattle, as a regular Joe, excited to see In This Moment, live and loud.  I had with me my Canon G12, point and shoot camera, to document some memories, nothing fancy.  I randomly snapped away during the show and was experimenting with a slower shutter speed, for no other reason than because I like motion blur.  At one point I was taking a photo of Maria and a near by photographer’s flash went off at the same time.

The result:


This mere coincidence showed me something beautiful, sparked my thought process and thus, my project Mosician was conceived.

Mosician: Motion in Musicians
The concentration of my work explores Musicians and the motion that surrounds their music. I utilize the natural motion to describe the energy, passion and emotion…

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