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Melodic Rock/Metal band Nicumo release their debut album, ‘The End of Silence’ today.

The band Biography reads as follows:

Nicumo is a melodic rock/metal band from Ylivieska, Finland. The band was founded in 2007 by a couple of friends. Fairly soon the band began to make their own songs by putting the guitarists’ song ideas to good use. During the first couple of years the band went without a name and invested in practising and making songs.

The line-up of the band changed frequently until 2010, and as the line-up regularized, their musical style, too, reached its best form. In the same year, the band started to go by the name of Nicumo.

Nicumo has self-released two EPs: ”Close Our Eyes For Good” and ”Scars & Glassy Eyes”. Both of them have been received well both in reviews and among listeners. Along with the good feedback from their gigs, this…

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