30 Day Song Challenge: Fuck You.

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

How Kaycee got her Flow Back.

Day 23 – A song that makes you angry

What’s the context here?  Why am I angry?  Am I angry because a song enrages me so or offends me?  Or am I angry because I am just angry for specific reasons?

If it is the 1st, then we have to go back to AC/DC, Dave Matthews, Linkin Park. . .and I’m a throw in Nickleback.  Not that they make me angry. . . I just don’t care to listen to them.  I don’t like “Radio” Music.  Call me a snob.

If it’s for outside reasons such as being jilted by a dick head lover. . . It’s this:

Did someone that is not my dick head lover piss me off?  Say my boss or asshole customers?  Is a friend dicking me around? Perhaps it’s this:

Or am I just in an angry mood and just want to hear…

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