I don’t do rock shows in country bars.

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dusty Said

Christina Scabia - Lacuna Coil 2013

This week, Lacuna Coil rolled into Beaumont to play a show at Dixie Dance Hall.  I don’t know who thought that idea was wise, this place is less of a dance hall and more of a medium sized room with a dance floor.  I arrived for the interview when the roadies were setting up.  Ive been inside this venue many many times, and couldn’t believe the amount of room that production was going to use, of a space that wasn’t made for rock shows.  I was told that 800 tickets were sold.  I couldn’t imagine 400 people fitting inside before the equipment, I had no idea where the other half would stand.  Sure enough, later on Facebook, the consensus of chatter was less about the show and more about the fact there wasn’t any room to breathe.

Due to technical difficulties before the interview with camera sound, there was time…

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