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Xfest 10 With Shinedown, Three Days Grace & P.O.D.

Xfest 10 With Shinedown, Three Days Grace & P.O.D.

By WesMarch 13, 2013 6:05 PM

I’m hoping I can answer any and all questions with this blog. I’ll be adding to it as information comes in. Get all that info after the jump.

Xfest 10 is Friday March 22nd, outside on the big stage at the Amp. This tour is carrying a large stage production featuring pyro, lights and all the ‘bigger than life’ stuff you’d imagine from a major show.

We will NOT have a Voodoo Lounge at this show. Any time there is pyro, a decision on whether to allow people in that area can’t be made until the day of the show. For that that reason, you may see a few folks in there, or it may be looked down tight.

Shinedown and Three Days Grace are both doing full 75 minute sets. P.O.D. is taking up some serious stage time as well. Even though there are just three bands on this bill, it will be a LONG evening.

Here’s the production times, which are VERY subject to change:



8:00-3 Days Grace


Outdoor shows usually allow for increased vending so there will be more food choices available.

Beer, wine and mixed drinks will be sold

You cannot leave and come back.

Guns, knives, chains and weapons of any kind are not allowed.

Professional cameras (telephoto lens type) are not allowed. There is rarely an objection to phones or smaller cameras.

Kids are allowed, but they require a ticket. The thought is, if they’re old enough to be at a show, then they’re old enough to need a ticket.

There is no reserved seating, the entire venue for this show is general admission.

Tickets can be purchased at the FMX Studios (cash only), at Ralph’s or online here. Tix are $46.50.

Any type of VIP, meet the band, or fan club gathering is taken care of through the band and it’s management. All details for those things should have been given to you when you purchased the upgrade. We have NOTHING to do with managing or making those things happen.

Shinedown is scheduled to do an ‘in store’ at Ralph’s. Meaning you can meet and greet the guys for free. Stay tuned for more details

Now, how about a little hype? Do you even realize how many songs Shinedown as had on the radio? Here we go; “Enemies”, “I’ll Follow You (The New single)”, “Fly From The Inside”, “45″, “Burning Bright”, , “Save Me”, “Heroes”, “Devour”, “Second Chance”, “Sound Of Madness”, “If You Only Knew”, “The Crow And The Butterfly”, “Diamond Eye” and “Bully”. Let’s also not forget their great covers of “One” and “Simple Man”

How about the hits from Three Days Grace? “I Hate Everything About You”, “The High Road”, “Just Like You”, “Home”, “Pain”, “Never Too Late”, “Riot”, “Break”, “The Good Life”, “World So Cold”, “Animal I’ve Become”, “Lost In You” and their biggest hit ever “Chalk Outline”.

P.O.D. has a long list of hits as well, including two of their biggest ever, this year. Let’s go with “Lost In Forever”, “Higher”, “Alive”, “Boom”, “Goodbye For Now”, “Satellite”, “Will You”, “Sleeping Awake” and “Youth of the Nation”.

Let’s face it, most of us like going to concert where we’re familiar with the songs and enjoy just a surprise or two. This concert will have you signing along until you blow out your voice. This one is huge!

*****We have made a serious attempt to be thorough with the concert information here, what else can we tell you? Please let us know and the answers to your question will listed on this page in updated/revised form*****