A list: Top 22 Albums, 22-12

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Lists, lists, lists. We all like ranking things because noone has quite the same opinion as the next person, which means conversation, which is always nice.

I love lots of music. I love rock, indie, Britpop, punk, metal, a little hip-hop, and most things in between. I love music so much that when I went through my albums looking for this list, I found 22 albums that I love and couldn’t budge any of them to make it a Top 20, so it’s gone from 10 to 20 to 22, hope that’s alright.

Everyone likes a bit of everything I guess, I like to think I like a lot of most things. Right, crack on.

Like the actors list the rankings at the lower end of the list are pretty irrelevant, I love all these albums so much.

22. Busted – Busted (2002)

Year 3000, Dawson’s Geek, Loser Kid


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