Maritime Metalfest

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Music, Rock/Metal
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Musical Event Of The Summer

Well, it is official. The first, annual MARITIME METAL & HARD ROCK FESTIVAL is gearing up to be the musical event of the summer for the Atlantic provinces. With almost 20 metal and hard rock bands coming to Fox Mountain, it is sure to put LOUD music back on the map where it is supposed to be. The entire lineup has been stacked with the best of the best Maritime talent in the genres and we have STILL not announced our headliner.

The way this grass-roots event is set up, the ticket prices will remain the same until Early-Bird cut-off and the announcement of a headliner will simply be a MAJOR bonus to those that have already purchased Early Bird tickets. As well, anyone that buys Early Bird tickets will be entered into a contest to win prizes, including $200 at the event.

This event is for YOU. The fan of metal and hard rock that does not have a full weekend of loud music at an outdoor venue with camping availability. NOW YOU DO!!!!. So show your support for the event and the bands and BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!!!!!”


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