Noise-some Notes – 10th March 2013

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Manowar – Fighting The World (Blue Vinyl – Back on Black)

The closest Manowar ever got to being KISS. If that’s not immediately apparent from the Ken Kelly cover then it’s evident in the unusually glossy opening tracks Fighting the World and Blow Your Speakers. Happily, KISS and Manowar are my two favourite bands so this is a match made in heaven! As with any Manowar album there are gripes, Carry On is too cheesy and the overall running length is a bit stingy. On the plus side there are some of the band’s best tunes here: the epic Orson Welles-narrated Defender is thoroughly stirring and the pummelling Black Wind, Fire and Steel is Manowar at their invincible best. Hail!

Manowar Fighting the World Gatefold

Manowar Fighting the World Blue Vinyl

Manowar Fighting the World Vinyl Rear

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