Hatebreed-The Divinity of Purpose

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

We Like It Louder


Hatebreed, the modern day kings of hardcore, are back with another offering of angry yet uplifting music for the circle pitting masses with The Divinity of Purpose. With Hatebreed you know what you are getting. 3 minutes songs of intense energy with catchy riffs and Jamey Jasta’s barking vocals of inspiration.

In fact his lyrics should be considered as a member of the band with being as integral as they are. Without them these songs would be very cliché and boring. While he sings about well-treaded topics as self reliance, he does them in a way that don’t sound as dickish as other singers do. Take “Own Your World” which starts out with chanting “who has more heart than you/NO ONE”. Talking about burning the bridge and making a stand, very simple yet powerful lyrics that draw in the disenfranchised and wandering masses. Couple that with riffs that act as…

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