5 reasons why Cliff Richard is metal*

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Rock/Metal, Uncategorized

The Rock Fairy

I was having a chat with a friend earlier on and jokingly said that Cliff Richard was the original metalhead.  Then I started thinking about this a bit more.  He actually is metal.  Let’s look at the evidence…

  1. His name.  Cliff Richard was born “Harry Webb” but later changed it to Cliff .  Cliff as in cliff face, which suggested “rock”.  This is honestly the reason he chose Cliff as his new name.  Apparently.  I don’t really know what Richard has to do with anything metal so  let’s just stick with the Cliff thing.
  2. He wrote a song about a Devil Woman and Black Sabbath “borrowed” the riff.  I mean come on.  Metal is all about hell, the devil and all manner of forbidden things right?  What could be more metal than a devil woman?   How about Black Sabbath using your riff  for one of their songs?  Black Sabbath used a bit of the riff from Devil Woman in Lady Evil.  I don’t know if Tony Iommi was…

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