Black Sabbath, Meet Eurovision!

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Jack Seattle FM

Black Sabbath: The creators of doom-laden, scary, dark heavy metal. Eurovision: The relentlessly cheery international song contest. Normally it would be unlikely that anyone would mention them in the same sentence. Or even in the same day. Until now.

Sabbath’s guitarist and leader Tony Iommi just posted a rather surprising note to his website, starting with something of an understatement: “Well here’s something different…”  He went on to say, “One of my demo ideas has been chosen as the Armenian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest!” Iommi composed the music and a band called Dorians wrote the lyrics to the song “Lonely Planet.”

The guitar legend has been involved with various Armenian charities: Iommi and Deep Purple‘s Ian Gillan visited the country after a major earthquake in 1988, and were involved with recovery efforts back then, raising funds via an all-star re-recording of “Smoke On The Water.” More…

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